Fields Oceans Ranches Kitchens Stewards (F.O.R.K.S.) works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply.

F.O.R.K.S. inspires action by translating information about our food into tools for making knowledgeable purchasing decisions. Through these actions, our members embrace seasonality, preserve diversity and traditional practices, and support local economies.


Educating culinary students and food professionals about where food comes from, changing the way people cook and eat for a better food future. In the rolling hills above Lake Roosevelt near Colville, WA, Quillisascut Farm offers food professionals and culinary students a unique opportunity to experience the farm-to-table connection first hand.


From our marquee event, the Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection, to our more intimate and focused Meet & Greets. We organize and host a variety of events every year to advance our mission. Be sure to sign up for our email list, and become a member today!


There are no upcoming events.

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